Expert Training in Disordered Eating + Obesity

Sick of yo-yo dieting? Losing and gaining the same 15 pounds over and over? Do you find yourself sticking to a rigid diet, always hungry, but not allowing yourself to eat? Do you feel the need to burn off every calorie you consume? Continue your daily runs even in harsh weather conditions or when injured? Do you make yourself vomit, use laxatives, or rely on diet pills to control your weight? Do you find yourself secretly eating at night when everyone else is asleep? Or eating when you’re not really hungry, but rather feeling sad or tired? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or sleep apnea associated with being overweight? Do you hide your body in baggy clothes or make excuses to skip social events where you know food will be served? Do you feel disgusted at yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you lose control around fast food or sweets? Do you feel the need to alter a picture before posting it on social media? Do thoughts of calories and pounds consume you? 


Approximately 20% of individuals will struggle with disordered eating in their lifetime. This includes restricting food intake, binge eating, making yourself vomit or using other compensatory behaviors like over exercising, and avoiding entire food groups like carbs because you see them as “bad.” And, about two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. If food, your weight, your shape, or your body is a source of concern, you are not alone.

I trained underneath some of the world's experts in the treatment of eating and weight disorders. I use the latest scientific developments to approach disordered eating and weight concerns, which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness-based approaches. Why settle for a life of struggling when you can find healing, freedom, wholeness, and health?